Research interests: Climate change, Integrated Assessment Modeling, Inequality and the Environment, Social choice and Welfare, Air travel


Expected defense: Fall 2020.

Title: Economic assessment of emission pathways: From aggregated to integrated impacts of climate change

Short Summary: Because climate change affects many aspects of economies, from production inputs to well-being, quantifying its impacts is particularly challenging. Yet, understanding climate impacts is key to design appropriate mitigation and adaptation response. Damage assessment allows both to set global targets and regional policies against the cost of inaction, and to prepare for adaptation by highlighting future vulnerabilities and hotspots. This thesis aims at understanding how the modelling of climate impacts into economic models influence the evaluation of mitigation strategies. It does so by looking at different approaches, from an approach where the impacts hit the economy at the aggregate level, to a fully integrated approach accounting for sectoral feedbacks. First, I discuss how alternative representations of climate damage, aggregated at the global level, which account for nonlinearities and dynamical aspects, affect the present social value of mitigation actions --- the Social Cost of Carbon (SCC). Second, using different assessments of climate change impacts aggregated at the country level, I analyse the distributional effects of different emission pathways. Finally, I show how explicitly integrating sectoral channels of climate change impacts into more detailed economic models can shed light on their propagation across the economy.


  • Guivarch et Taconet. Inégalités mondiales et changement climatique. 2020. Revue de l'OFCE 165(3), 35-70 | Link

Ongoing work

  • Social Cost of Carbon under stochastic tipping points: when does risk play a role?, with Céline Guivarch and Antonin Pottier | Revise and Resubmit | Link to FAERE Working Paper
  • Optimal climate policy under inter and intra generational inequalities, with Céline Guivarch and Aurélie Méjean | Work in progress
  • Determinants of long-distance mobility: evidence from Germany, with Franziska Klein | Work in progress
  • Effect of climate policies on air transportation | Work in progress

Book chapter

  • Global inequality and climate change, with Céline Guivarch. Forthcoming. In Routledge Handbook in the Political Economy and the Environment