Research interests: Climate change Impacts, Inequality, Air travel


  • C. Guivarch et N. Taconet. Inégalités mondiales et changement climatique. 2020. Revue de l'OFCE 165(3), 35-70 | Link

Ongoing work

On climate change impacts

  • N. Taconet, C. Guivarch and A. Pottier. Social Cost of Carbon under stochastic tipping points: when does risk play a role? | Environmental and Resource Economics (accepted)

  • F. Piontek, L. Drouet, J. Emmerling, T. Kompas, A. Méjean, C. Otto, J. Rising, B. Soergel, N. Taconet and M. Tavoni. From biophysical to economic impacts of climate change: an integrated perspective | Under review

  • N. Taconet, P.L. Lostis, A. Méjean, C. Guivarch. Climate change impacts on labour productivity | In progress

On air travel

  • N. Taconet and F. Klein. Determinants of long-distance mobility: evidence from Germany | In progress

Book chapter

  • C. Guivarch and N. Taconet. Global inequality and climate change (forthcoming). Handbook on the Political Economy of the Environment. Routledge.