Research interests: Climate change, Integrated Assessment Modeling, Inequality and the Environment, Social choice and Welfare, Optimal taxation

Ongoing work

  • Changement climatique et inégalités internationales, with Céline Guivarch | In preparation for a special issue of Revue de l'OFCE
  • Optimal climate policy under inter and intra generational inequalities: Revisiting Schelling's conjecture | Work in progress
  • Climate change and inequality between countries: influence of climage change impacts and mitigation costs on inequalities in the 21st Century, with Céline Guivarch and Aurélie Méjean | Under review | Draft upon request
  • Social Cost of Carbon under stochastic tipping points: when does risk play a role? with Céline Guivarch and Antonin Pottier | Under review | Link to FAERE Working Paper